Kun Tomppa ja Antti läksivät Kanadaan...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Liver piercing in Montreal


After sobering from Adam's birthday party on Tuesday we started our trip to Montreal on the windy Thursday morning. The crew consisted of Paul, Adam, Tomi and myself. The drive took 13.5 hours and was the second scariest drive I have had, first one being our trip back.
The air was full of icy rain and the conditions were far from optimal.

Our Starship Enterprise

When we arrived to Paul's sister's place we had a couple of beers and continued to small bar to listen to a band. Although I'm not a fan of bluegrass these guys were rockin'.

Next day we dedicated to shopping. The weather continued to suck so after a couple of hours of wandering in the streets of Montreal we had our first beers. "Accidentaly" we stumbled into a strip club which was not quite as exciting experince I was hoping for. Seriously, the stripper was discusting as a dead camel.

In the evening we met Ilkka and continued to a club called 737 altitude. As the name suggests it was located on the top of a damn huge building. We chipped in 25 CAD each and received a bottle of Finlandia and a VIP table. If you want to know what happened after that ask Ilkka or Tomi because after leaving the club I puked and got lost.

The drinking continued on Saturday. Ilkka and Tomi presented themselves as Finnish reporters and got free drinks. We saw an awesome band. That's about it.

Paul's sister had a birthday party on Sunday evening but the Finnish bastards could not participate on the festivities because we had a long drive ahead of us on Monday morning. Plus we were very hung-over.

The drive back was sketchy as fuck. We passed a couple of provinces in a snowstorm and the road was slippery. Tomi got the MVP-award for driving five hours of the 15.5 hours.

Now the final exams are ahead and studying should continue/start. Well at least there is a farewell party for the exchange students next Saturday so atleast something positive to wait for.

- AS -

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Ball weekend

It is again the time of the year to get the Christmas decorrations out , wear something red and be jolly. We had the Christmas ball on Saturday so we prepared for that by getting our noses red with alcohol on Friday.

On Friday we went to skate during the day. It was actually quite refreshing although I haven't done it in ten years. I admit that I looked like, as Lauri would probably say, a drunken deer seconds before the car hit him but still I managed to keep my balance.

In the evening we watched the X-men basketball beat Arcadia. The atmosphere at the game was awesome and I can only imagine how tense it would be in a proper NBA-game. After the game we continued our travel to the Pub but due to a certain "ho" I left the bar pretty early.

Saturday was a great success! Around six we went to Peter's house where he cooked us some lovely steaks. Kudos for that Peter!!! My goal for the evening was not to be able to walk at 12 but I can't remember anything from the evening so I don't know how I succeeded. Must have been because of my new favourite shots: tabasco and tequila... The evening ended with a lovely baquette for the night snack ;) Happy times!!!

The weekend ended by watching Borat. What can I say, it was outrageous, racist and cruel. But funny as shit as well!

Next week is going to be busy. Irish Adam's birthday drink-a-rama on Tuesday and our trip to Montreal on Thursday guarantees that our livers will be getting a lot of exercise...

Relax Antti

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Corporate Lives & Trophy Wives, Halloween


Last Thursday the name of the party was Corporate Lives & Trophy Wives. In practice it was a classy version of the Mikkelian Pimps & Hos party. I spent 2 bucks on a nice suit but being the elegant gentleman that he is, Tomi went overboard with his 7 dollar contribution to the fine, baby blue suit jacket and accessories.

The evening ended up as elegantly as it started. I missed my class in the morning and had my first hang-over here. Great success!!!!

On Friday the place to party was the Pit at Lane Hall (where Tomi lives). This was the first time that Lane had a party with liquoer licenses. The theme was Halloween so taistelupari Olin & Saarela had again to dress-up according to the protocol. Tomi was a surfer dude from Hawai, Antti a young, gay Hugh Hefner.

Saturday morning. I woke up on Peppi Pitkätossu's floor. After a greasy breakfast at the Mealhall the two Finns continued to watch the rugby game. X won and continued to the finals. We celebrated the victory by watching television for about seven hours. I have to tell you that Saturday isn't that good of a television day here in North America. We watched shows about train wrecks, police cathing pedophiles and sensored Scary Movies.

In the evening we ended up to the Pub. Tomi dressed up as a Roman gladiator dude, me dressing up as a Finnish exchange student. A lot of funny costumes were seen and a couple of drinks consumed.

I'm glad that Halloween is only once a year.

-Aabraham On-an-Island -

PS. If you are interested in hearing the level of Finnish that an Irish man and an American have learned, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hdIlQeKJEw

Saturday, October 21, 2006

End of midterms and Norwalk virus

Midterms here were kind of sketchy. I hate multiple choices and three of my four midterms were multiple choice questions. I think I did well though. Tomi has his final midterms next week and so far his feelings of his exams have been "ihan ookoo".

Now that the midterms are over there is another pest on campus. The fucker is called Norwalk virus (we were thinking if Chuck "Texas Ranger" Norris has something to do with this...), which causes symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting in humans. I don't know what it does to animals so don't bother asking me. There is a lot of fear and loathing around the campus and specifically the Canadians have pee in their socks (=kusi sukassa).

This is how Wikipedia described the situation:The virus has spread as well to St. Francis Xavier University, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia affecting an estimated 43 students and staff[5]. Health advisories have been dispatched to other universities in the Maritimes, warning students against visiting these colleges so as to limit the spread of the virus among students.

At the moment the body-count has grown to 59.

Because Tomi and me are sensible guys with steel livers and adamantium tolerance we confronted the virus with a three day drainpipe a.k.a. ränni :) So far the Norwalker asshole hasn't shown up... If he does I'll shit my pants.

Our trilogy of alcoholic hay days ended at Chuggles (local bar) where Grand Theft Bus was playing. The gig was good, although the foreign factor backfired on me. Well that's life.

- Andy Sipowich -

Lane Hall Pub Crawl

The Pub Crawl went down. To put it short it was not quite well organized. Any-hoo, we ended up drunk.

The evening started with the first hockey game of the season. X-men played against UPEI Panthers. I think we won 4-3. Could be wrong on that one because we left after the second round to watch the Office and My name is Earl. And as you might have guessed, enjoy a few drinks.
In fact we hung out at my place so long that we only went to two of the bars at the Crawl. Well we missed only one bar.

Weight on the word must

Adam doing his share
of the bargain

Mortti ja Vertti ja Hard-Sportti

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Thanksgiving finally came and we started our trip to the US and A, more specifically to Boston. Our Pontiac was loaded with a crew of seven people: me, Tompster, Boston, Katie, Issam(who only participated for the rides), Adam and Eva. The drive took about 11 hours which wasn't that bad.

Crossing the border was a bit of a hassle. They took our fingerprints and did not appreciate Boston's jokes of my racketeering charges. Anyway we entered the US with a positive attitude and two liters of booze. Which was nice.

We arrived at Boston around 12 am and decided to go to bed. Next three days were hectic with a lot of walking and a shit load of shopping. Especially the girls lost their minds with the lower-than-back-home-prizes. As Jesse would describe this situation: "olisin säästäny enemmänkin mutta rahat loppu kesken".

Despite our limited budget we spent a lot of money on overpriced food. Well at least we felt a bit more like gentlemen when dining at decent restaurants. At an Italian restaurant I lost my appetite though when the head waiter asked if I am getting sick with the jokes of me looking like Harry Potter...

We went to see the new Scorsese film "the Departed". It was almost as wicked awesome as the Goodfellas! Jack Nicholson did again an amazing role. The movie was filmed in Boston so it was really nice to see on the screen the same places that we visited a couple of hours earlier.

Anyways, Boston was wickid awesome. And that's about it.

- Ananias Rummukainen -

Next time:

Lane Hall Pub Crawl

Monday, October 02, 2006

Homecoming weekend

The highly anticipated and much hyped thanksgiving weekend is over. Honestly I have to say that I have been to better parties. I'll begin my rapport from Saturday because on Friday we just chilled and tried to save some energy. And watched 50 Cent's "Get rich or die tryin'". Which was like 8 mile without actors...

Saturday kicked off around 10 with a six pack of cider. After the starting party at Boston's our toxicated bunch travelled to the Campus to watch the rugby game. The weather was fine and we enjoyed the day. We tried to teach the locals some Finnish. So far we have teached them "FOODII, FOODII" ( with the appropriate handsignals), "älyttömät" and "vitun kanukit".

After the game and dinner we went to my place to introduce the locals to "fisu". After a liter of "fisu" and watching Kummeli Jackpot, Tomi hit me with a banana. I realized that this was a sign that we should head out...

After staggering out side I lost Tomi and found myself at a party near campus. Unfortunately I lost the other exchange students as well and ended up at the Inn (our school bar, local Pentti). The atmosphere there wasn't quite my cup of tee, maybe because it was because the party was for the graduates of 1986.

eipä tätä ihan milffi-kestiks voi kutsua...

Next weekend we are having the Thanksgiving holidays in Canada. We are heading to Boston for five days and Lauri, the pussikaljahukka-midget, will join us there. I am really looking forward to this trip...

- Angelo Serengetti -

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Antti's new apartment!!

Hahhaaaa! I got a new apartment. Now I have a kitchen, a living room and a TV. I share the apartment with a Canadian girl, a girl from Boston and a Slovakian/Canadian guy. They seem nice and the apartment is really nice. No more listening to Spice Girls until 1 am!!

Tomi is also on the waiting list for the apartments and hopefully he'll get an apartment soon...

The living room

Dining area